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Below you can find a collection of Websites designed, implemented & hosted by myself. If your interested in using my services, feel free to contact me

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about me

Adaptable, fast learner, with a keen eye for detail. Challenges are something I embrace, a required trait for a Web Developer. Working well to deadlines, I can be self motivated when left to work alone. In project development I have found that I am capable of intuitive, productive input and Ideas, many of which have been carried through to the final products.

Web Design

I offer full Web design & development packages


Internet Security, SEO, Web prescence & Social media

Graphics Design

Brand development to A-boards, fast & effective design


Climb the rankings of popular search engines with handcrafted SEO

My process is simple

#01 First Contact

First contact we will discuss the formalities of Web Design, usually via email or communication of some form. We will also go through what you want from your page & what I can deliver.

#02 Design & Function

What you want it to do, & look like. We will run through ideas about what the page will look like & what functions you would like available. You can be involved as much or as little as you like in this process.

#03 Web Design

I will go away for a short while and develop some drafts of a design, these will include the basic layout of your page & it’s general structure. We will then refine these ideas and render it into the next stage..

#04 Model Development

Based on our discussions, I will develop a model for your webpage. This will then be shown to you for feedback. This process is tested and results in a final product that is both functional and retains my clients vision.

#05 Finalise the model

Again, the model will undergo its final refinements and content development based on feedback from you, the client, before going live! By this point the website is fully functional & just needs uploading to the world!

#06 Going live!

I will upload your Webpage, this is done onto UK Servers to ensure a fast & responsive site. It will be secured with an SSL Certificate keeping your potential customers safe. You are now online :) .

My skills

Years of Experience in varying disciplines, a few of my main areas can be seen here. I also have Video, photography & editing skills, Music production, a variety of instruments & art are also in my skillset.

Contact me

Contact me

If you are interested in using my services for you or your business my contact details can be found below. I will reply to your enquiries as soon as possible: